Kyle Franson was told his winery didn't qualify for ERC, then he found All Tax Credit.

His winery qualified for hundreds of thousands in ERC.

Through a deeper analysis of Kyle’s circumstances, All Tax Credit was able to qualify his business due to the disruptions his winery faced during the pandemic. Many ERC filing companies will only use the revenue test to determine eligibility, which some companies may not qualify for.


“The whole process, frankly, was pretty painless. All Tax Credit has got a 15-year history behind them. You could tell that they had been through this many times before and I knew exactly what I needed to provide and what to expect. I would wholeheartedly recommend All Tax Credit for their ERC credits” – Kyle Franson, President of Rancho Capistrano Winery


Rancho Capistrano Winery had to temporarily close its operations due to pandemic-related government orders. They were approached by several companies to apply for the Employer Retention Credit. They went through elaborate screening processes with all of them but were informed that they didn’t qualify for the tax credit. They almost gave up on getting the ERC funding.

“We had been approached by six other companies, either through mail or phone calls, or telemarketing, and all of them were trying to get us to look at the opportunity with the ERC credits. We jumped through those hoops only to find out that we didn’t qualify. A friend of mine had recommended All Tax Credit and we gave it one more try”.


All Tax Credit  conducted detailed due diligence and discovered they did qualify for the ERC refund. All Tax Credit’s competent team immediately got down to business and performed an impact study on Rancho Capistrano Winery, an analysis done by All Tax Credit to evaluate the level of disruption in order to substantiate the credit. They filed the claim within the next three weeks. Although it takes up to nine months to receive the refund, Rancho Capistrano Winery received its refund within seven months of filing the claim.

“Throughout the process with All Tax Credit, the requests for documents and stuff were very concise, and they did a very good job of letting us know why they needed things and how it is going to affect the process. I had a lot of legal questions about this program and what it does to my own taxes and those kinds of things. They had all those answers lined up. There are tons and tons of professionals in their organization, from attorneys to tax experts; and they’ve got it done for me. I have also recommended my wife’s customer to call All Tax Credit
for her ERC”.

The All Tax Credit Advantage

Audit Protection Document

We provide audit-defense documents to each client which can be presented to the IRS in case of an audit. This document illustrates how and why your business qualifies.



With over 15 years of experience in tax filing, we can ensure your filing is accurate. Our work has been reviewed by major international and national firms such as Ernst & Young.


Due Diligence

All Tax Credit conducts a thorough analysis for determining if a business qualifies for the ERC. We can find your maximum credit while staying within IRS guidelines.


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